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Who We Are

About Apex Med Marketing

Apex Med boasts a youthful brand and a team of seasoned specialists in SEO, marketing, PPC, and web design. As masters of the marketing game, we can guide you towards achieving your business objectives and enhancing your online visibility. Our expertise can aid in bolstering your brand and identifying effective approaches for engaging with your target audience.

Brian Gomez, CEO

Our origin story

Apex Med was founded by Brian Gomez, an accomplished marketer who recognized a gap in the market for a marketing agency that provided personalized services to small and medium-sized medical businesses. Rather than treating clients like mere numbers, Apex Med functions as a collaborative partner. In contrast, the larger players in the industry charge exorbitant fees, offer subpar results, and work with competing businesses. To make matters worse, clients often find themselves without ownership of the attractive website they thought they had paid for, owing to tricky contracts and unclear deliverables. This lackluster service model fails to meet the needs of medical businesses seeking to expand their market share. At Apex Med, we chose our name carefully, acknowledging that a website that impresses and effective marketing strategies can be a potent combination for medical professionals.

Apex Med’s core mission is to seek out medical professionals and businesses and provide them with solutions that don’t just deliver mediocre outcomes but rather, transform their practices. Our solutions aim to attract new patients while also retaining existing ones, enabling your practice to achieve its full potential. This unrelenting pursuit of success for our clients is our driving passion.

Here’s some valuable guidance on how to achieve game-changing outcomes for your practice: enlist the help of a skilled medical marketing expert who is willing to devote their full attention to your needs and objectives. It’s crucial to partner with someone who listens to your goals rather than merely boasting about their speaking engagements at conferences. If you already know of such an expert, don’t hesitate to hire them today. However, if you’re still searching for a competent team of specialists who fits the bill…You need to look no further than Apex Med Marketing!

Meet the team

Brian Gomez


David Valdez


Jackie Orihuela

Social Media Director

Jese Reyes

Sr. Project Manager

Violeta Castro

Sr. SEO Director

Daniel Casillas

Sr. SEO Specialist

Rubén Lopez

Web Developer

Eliana Caballero

Web Developer

Nena Tafich

PPC Manager

What we believe in

Supporting our clients and their businesses.

We monitor all vital facets of your business and persist until they are resolved. Our aim is to maintain the continuity of your operations and be readily available whenever you require our assistance.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Marketing journeys inevitably involve fluctuations, but our focus is on maintaining a consistent upward trajectory of results. We ensure that your account’s performance remains top-notch.

No long term contracts

Our clients are never locked into lengthy contracts. Why? Because we do great work, and our clients stick around. It’s as simple as that.


What is your marketing company really doing for you? Most can’t answer that question. Here at Apex, you’ll get a monthly report with deliverables and progress. If you have a question, we’ll answer it, in a way you can actually understand.


We take a lot of pride in the product we put out. We receive a lot of referrals from clients who are thrilled with the work we’ve done for them. That’s extremely important to us.

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