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Why Choose Us Over Other Medical SEO Agencies?


Complete Transparency

We’re committed to ensuring you have the information needed and will always keep communication clear. We understand this process, so feel free to reach out if there are any questions; our team is here to solve them without nonsense answers.

One Client Per Market

Apex’s clients can rely on us for their exclusive representation – no need to worry about the competition. We’ll never work with two competing doctors, physicians, clinics or hospitals.

Superior SEO Formula

For over a decade, we have forged an unbeatable approach tailored to healthcare professionals navigating the cut-throat competition of big-city markets. Our formula has been tested in battle and proven successful time after time.

Proven Results

Our clients count on us to meet their expectations, and we deliver! We are committed to providing consistent services that meets the highest standards – no excuses or empty promises.

What Sets Us Apart


imgAfter years of refining and perfecting, our approach to marketing is a solid recipe for success - crafted in high-pressure healthcare markets. Our clients have been reaping the rewards ever since.

Other Med Marketing Agencies

imgLots of trial and error while they figure things out on your dime, while your website sits on page 5 of Google.


imgOur in-house team of reliable professionals ensures high-quality output through onsite accountability, providing you with the best services possible.

Other Med Marketing Agencies

imgOutsourced to multiple companies, which means low-quality work that produces erratic and mediocre results.


imgOur clients benefit from unparalleled success with the authoritative links we create. We have secured mentions for them in some of the most respected media outlets -from HuffingtonPost to ABA- using our tried and true link-building technique, ensuring their digital presence packs a punch.

Other Med Marketing Agencies

imgTired and lazy tactics like “We submit your site to over a 100 directories”, with zero SEO value.


imgOur team strives to deliver extraordinary results every month, and we are proud to showcase our accomplishments with comprehensive reports demonstrating the full scope of services provided. We are happy to explain anything that’s needed, so you can trust we are hard at work getting firm results.

Other Med Marketing Agencies

imgNo reporting at all or, at best, a keyword rankings report which tells you very little about the work being done.


imgWe value our clients' unique needs and strive to provide the best service possible. As such, we are committed to an exclusive partnership with each of them—allowing us to better serve their individualized requirements without conflicts due to working with other firms simultaneously.

Other Med Marketing Agencies

imgYou have no advantage in the event you get great results since most of them will take any client willing to pay for their services.


imgWith our proven track record, we work to guarantee clients the success they seek in a timely manner.

Other Med Marketing Agencies

imgNo results can support their “success” statements. “If we give it another 3 months, I think we should see some improvement”.

Our Medical SEO Process

It’s All About Strategy

Search engine algorithms are always evolving, and so are we.

With over a decade of experience in the search engine marketing realm, Apex Med Marketing has become an industry leader. As one of the only healthcare marketing agencies to stay on top of ever-changing SEO trends, we have honed our strategies with proven techniques and regularly contribute to powerful publications within the expert community. We are always up-to-date regarding new developments or updates given out by search engines – often providing content before they go public.

Apex stands out in the medical marketing space by offering our clients more than your average account services. Our team has built close, long-term partnerships with our clients, because we believe it is the best way to ensure they receive top-quality and consistent support from us.

We value client referrals above all else and strive for an experience that will leave you feeling like anything but ‘just another client’. Thanks to superior performance in delivering results, word of mouth about Apex has consistently grown through the years – proving there’s no need for hefty ad spend when satisfying clients speaks volumes.

Google My Business

If you’re looking to make it easier for potential clients to find your clinic or hospital online, Google Maps can be a great starting point. But making an epic listing takes more than guesswork; Years of experience have taught us what practices do—and don’t! —enhance visibility and help businesses rank in the coveted Map 3-Pack. Let us use our expertise to put you on the map!

Citation Audit & Building

To build trust with Google and ensure you get the most from your online presence, it’s important to maintain a consistent identity across medical directories and general business listings. Our advanced techniques help us quickly list you in the most relevant places for your industry and locate discrepancies in NAP information (name, address & phone number), so that you can focus on practicing instead.

Reviews & Reputation Management

Negative reviews are frightening and threatening to your business’s reputation and local SEO success. Fortunately, our agency can help you keep these to a minimum by driving positive reviews where they will be seen most – right in front of prospective clients and Google. Let us bolster your online presence as successful healthcare professionals with effective techniques that protect your brand while ensuring maximum influence on search engine results!

Technical SEO

With a deep technical understanding that sets us apart, our SEO experts are the top choice for healthcare professionals. We go beyond competitors, and uncover problems invisible to others – all while using cutting-edge technology on your website for maximum success in Google rankings and elsewhere. Take advantage of an unparalleled blend of knowledge and tech!

On-page SEO

We believe strongly in providing comprehensive on-page SEO services for medical professionals across the US. Our team uses best practices, industry standards, and cutting-edge techniques to develop tailored solutions specifically for each client’s needs. From natural language processing techniques in voice search optimization, to crafting content tailored to specific target users, Apex offers comprehensive on-page SEO services designed to rank and bring more qualified traffic to your medical website.

Link Building & Acquisition

In today’s competitive online landscape, getting your site the attention it deserves can be tricky. Our agency specializes in creating link-building strategies that will give you an edge over competitors and ensure visibility on Google’s search engine results and local map listings.

Our method combines content marketing approaches with PR tactics that drive maximum ROI for practices needing to improve their rankings.

Proven SEO results

See how Apex Med Marketing has helped our clients dominate their market areas.

Frequently asked questions

The right place to find the answers to your questions.

If you have a dental practice in the U.S., you not only need a Digital Marketing Agency, but you need an agency willing to go the extra miles to get to know you, understand your vision and respect the enormous effort that represents having a dental practice like yours. Apex Med Marketing relies on giving you the most personalized Marketing package to suit the needs of your business, from your targeted new patients, to care and procure the ones you already have.

Your work will do that by letting us let everybody else know how incredibly fulfilling it is for your patients, we don’t need to sell anything else than your own honest, hard work.

If you already have a website, it’s important to have it constantly updated, provide proper maintenance, and include useful features for every click; we will be in charge of enhancing all its resources so you have the best possible site available for your customers.

We monitor all your activities through a detailed report of the adapted KPI’s focused on the objectives previously established for your campaign, we will constantly polish this as neatly as possible, data analytics will provide us with the necessary info to know which key points to pay more attention to.

Our Digital Marketing campaign will be 100% personalized and based on the results you want to have, the focus will depend on the objectives established prior to the execution of the campaign. We will integrate the most important key points to develop, sometimes, for example, you will not need a lot of SEO focus on your practice, but a well-designed website, or more digital social media presence, and we will suit the strategy to your needs.

Digital Marketing tools not only help you to establish new patient connections, but to automate your processes and reduce some of the costs of operation you already have. Apex Med Marketing will deliver a proper campaign that not only fulfills with the objective of taking new patients to your practice, but also growing your business and making it more profitable in other areas.

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